The Ultimate Guide
How to Start A Fashion Truck

Follow This Guide and Start Your Own Fashion Truck Now!

I get a lot of requests from people to do private, one-on-one consultations about how to start their own fashion truck business - and I love talking to people all around the country!

But some people don’t want to just talk about it, they wanted more. They wanted a guide they could follow.

So that is why I wrote this guide on how to do it – to give them more!

It covers everything you need to get started: to go from concept to finished truck and everything in between.

Here are the chapters of the guide. Then in each chapter I go really in-depth about each topic.

1. Why start a fashion truck

2. Business Formation and Planning

3. Getting your truck and making it yours

4. Merchandise and Merchandising what to sell

5. Where to operate and sell your stuff

6. Marketing and Promoting yourself

7. Frequently asked questions – Over 100 questions that I answer that cover a huge range of topics. Just this part right here is incredibly informative.

There’s also sample budget, checklists on what to do and have before you open, a business plan, merchandise, pricing, truck build out, permits, insurance needs, operations, where to sell, how to promote yourself, a resource guide and a lot more.

This is a ton of info all in one source. You’ll be able to then reference anything you need to know as you start your truck and when you hit the road.

It’s an E-book PDF that you can instantly download – it’s over 200 pages long if you print it out.

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